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In the shadow out of time, when mankind forged their first metal and the world spoke through every single thing, music meant magic and spirituality. Emotion, fire and spirit, sound and harmony converged in one single thing and there was no difference between a song and a prayer. On the verge of being lost, like a beautiful wreck in the ascending tide of civilization, that music reaches us now in a disturbing and clear way, like an absolute enigma which has just been discovered, through Heilung. The Danish act seems to have traveled through time only to bring us the ancestral treasure that we once thought lost. Nature is forged again with mankind in order to amplify the fire of all the heathen cosmology that is voiced through every note, every beat and every rhythm. With their intriguing cult, Heilung promise to take us on a journey into a world we thought we had forgotten.

After their historical show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in which they summoned 10.000 souls, next year 2022 we will welcome Spring with this transcendental ceremony.

For the first time in Spain, Heilung, sentinels of life and death, will make our roots sprout to the sound of spells and remote blessings. This very anticipated ritual will result in an exclusive show in our country. You can’t miss this ritual!

Domingo 27 march 2022
Palacio Vistalegre (Madrid)
Presale: 35€ / Box office: 40€
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