Can I show the ticket on my phone instead of printing it?

Yes, as long as we can read the QR code or the barcode.

Will you print physical tickets for the stores?

No, there won't be any of our tickets available at other stores. Our tickets have a very similar format plus they are more eco-friendly. If you really want to keep your ticket as a souvenir you can print it. On top of that, the pandemic showed us several problems related to the use of physical tickets: lost tickets, broken tickets and many others besides the most obvious one, the direct communication with our customers. Should any changes happen on the event we will have your E-mail so we can notice you as soon as possible.

Will there be any tickets available at the box office?

Yes, as long as the show is not sold out. We stop selling advance tickets around 2h before doors time.

Where will I get my tickets?

You will be able to access your tickets with the E-mail you used to register in a private area of our web called "my tickets". IMPORTANT: If you can't find the tickets, check in the spam folder!

Will my tickets be always available?

Yes, as long as you are registered you will be able to see all the tickets you have bought.

What are the booking fees?

More info here.

Is the payment safe?

Totally! Payment is done via a REDSYS network totally safe within a https framework, as is

How do I pay my tickets?

You can use credit card, VISA and Mastercard. After you select your method of payment you will be redirected to REDSYS payment procedure in which you will have to enter your card number, date of expiry and CVV number. None of this info will be sent to Madness Live.

I purchased tickets for the wrong city, can I get a refund/swap?

No. Make sure you are getting tickets for the right city, as we will NOT make any refunds if it's your mistake.

Am I allowed to resell a ticket I have purchased?

No, you are not. If you offer one sole ticket on resale, even if you don’t find a purchaser, all the tickets you bought and you buy in the future (for the same or other concerts) will be automatically anulled without right to refund. Besides, you can be punished with a penalty. More information here.

Am I allowed to omitt or make up my personal data?

No. Just like Madness Live! is identified with all its real data, you have to identify yourself with yours to buy a ticket. Besides, Madness Live! is resonsible for the security of the concert and it is in the benefit of all that the ticket purchasers are duly identified.

I want to know the schedule for a show. Where can I find those?

We usually post the schedules around one week before the show. You will find those on the event of each show and on the official Facebook event by Madness Live. Bear in mind that there can be changes on the running orders and we recommend you to check the information before heading to the venue.

Can I bring my camera to the show?

No, you need a photo pass in order to bring your camera. If you work for a media publication you can request one at

I didn't get my ticket(s). What can I do?

First of all check your spam folder, if you still can't find it write us to

I didn't get any presale links. What can I do?

Contact us at

I can't find my ticket refund. What can I do?

Contact us at .

I can't find the buying button on the presale link. What can I do?

You should clean your browser's cache or use a different one. You can find more info about it here:

Authorization for underage attendants

You have to download, fill-in and give the following document so underage attendants can attend the show. click here

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