From time to time we get questions about what exactly booking fees are. The platform that we use to make sure you can access your tickets easily had to be developed from scratch by us and it needs continuous maintenance so we can offer you an easy and personalised level of attention. This is not made by a machine, but by Madness Live’s team.

Why should I get presale tickets? Here’s some of their advantages:

1. You guarantee access to the show and, usually, you will get it for a cheaper price than at the box office. That way you don’t have to fear losing the ticket because it is sold out!

2. You will save time and money as you don’t have to go to a physical store. You can just show the ticket on your phone’s screen (and save paper, but you can still print it if you want to have it as a souvenir).

3. You won’t lose the ticket. You can always print it again from your E-mail or the “my tickets” section in our website.

4. If the show gets cancelled you will get a refund to the same card you used for purchasing the ticket.

5. If you need any help you can use this form.