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How to become a member of the Madness Live club?

1. Register at www.madnesslive.es.

2. When registering, please select "become a member of the Madness Live club" and that you wish to receive our newsletter. We send a lot of offers and presales via E-mail so we recommend you not to unsubscribe it.

3. If you are already registered just click on this link and select "Madness Live club members" and click on "refresh".

4. That's it! You are already a part of our club ;) :)


  1. For each ticket you buy at www.madnesslive.es you will receive 10 Madness Point. You can use those Madness Points for free tickets, keep an eye on our newsletter and social media because from time to time we will launch some promotions which could give you some extra Madness Points.

  1. For each 200 Madness Points you’ll be able to exchange them for a 20€ ticket, 250 for 25€ etc You CAN’T discount a part of the ticket’s price, you need to redeem it for the full ticket price once you have enough Madness Points for it.

  1. When you get 100 Madness Points you can use those for a random gift. Once you’ve done it, send an E-mail to socios@madnesslive.es requesting it and make sure your address is updated. Important: Bear in mind that you would lose those 100 Madness Points in doing so, we recommend you not to use them unless there aren’t any shows you want to spend them on.

  1. Click on the button below your panel at www.madnesslive.es to see which gifts/shows are available.

  1. If you see the button <<Buy with Madness Points>> you will be able to redeem the points, add it to your shopping cart and get it for free completing the shopping process.

*Attention! You can’t buy more than 6 tickets of the same show per account. If you try to buy more than 6 tickets those Madness Points will be deduced from your account but it won’t be added to your shopping cart.

*You have 365 days to redeem your Madness Points.

*In other words, if you buy two tickets on 01/01/2020 you will receive 20 Madness Points which you will have to use no later than on 01/01/2021. Visit your “reward history” to see the validity of your points. 

If you have any questions ,don’t hesitate to contact socios@madnesslive.es 

Furthermore, the organizers will reward the most active users with special deals, free merch, gifts etc


1- What’s the Madness Live membership club?

It is a fidelization club for all the regular attendees to our shows. With it, the promoter Madness Live aims to reward all the clients by offering a series of advantages to them.

2- What is the admission fee for becoming a member of the Madness Live club?

It’s free! You just need to visit our ticket seller www.madnesslive.es and log in.

3- Which are the advantages for those who join the Madness Live memebership club?

Every purchase you do at www.madnesslive.es will give you 10 Madness Points which you will be able to redeem for gifts/tickets. 

From time to time we will do some promotions in which you will be able to acquire more Madness Points. Keep an eye on our social media and newsletter!

We will reward the most active members with specific actions.

We will arrange contests for our members.

4- Is there an expiration date for the membership?

The membership doesn’t expire, but the Madness Points do. They have validity for a whole year.

5- Can I use Madness Points at every show organized by Madness Live?

You can use Madness Points on all of our shows with the exception of our festivals. 

6- I was already a member of the Madness Live club and I had my card. Am I still a member of the club?

No, the physical member club will lose its validity. Please, contact us and sign in for the Madness Live Club again.


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