1. You must register in

2. In the registration process, select that you want to be a Madness Live Club Member and that you want to receive notifications by email. We send many promotions and pre-sales only by email, so we recommend you not to unsubscribe.

3. If you are already registered at you must go to this link and change the selector to “Socios Madness Live!” an click in “update“.

4. If you are not registered and have a Facebook or Google account click on “Connect with Facebook or Google” and you will automatically register as a “Madness Live Member!”< /strong>

5. You are already a Madness Live Member! :)



1. PFor each ticket you buy at you will receive 10 Madness Points. You can get free tickets (using your Madness Points)! Pay attention to our networks/newsletter because we will do promotions in which you can get more Madness Points.

2. When you reach 200 Madness Points you can exchange it for a ticket worth €20, with 250 Madness Points for a 25 ticket €, etc. You can NOT deduct a part of the value of the ticket , you must have the total number of Madness Points to redeem it.

3. When you reach 100 Madness Points you can exchange them for a surprise gift. Once done write an email to "Customer service" requesting a surprise gift that will be delivered by postal mail (Check your address!). Important: Keep in mind that you will spend 100 of your Madness Points. We recommend not spending them until you see that you can't redeem any tickets.

4. click here Click the button below in your rewards panel to view available gigs/gifts.

5. If the button "Buy with Madness Points" appears, you can redeem it by writing to us at "Customer Support".

* You have 365 days to redeem your Madness Points . * That is, if you purchase 2 tickets on 01/01/2020, you will receive 20 Madness Points that you can spend at most on 01/01/2021 . In "Rewards history" you have the validity of the points obtained.

If you have any questions write to "Customer service".

Likewise, the organization will periodically carry out actions to reward its members, such as sending gifts, merchandising, special promotions, etc… to the most active members.


1- What is the Madness Live! members club?

Se trata de un club de fidelización para todos aquellos asiduos a nuestros conciertos. Con su creación, la promotora de eventos musicales, Madness Live! pretende premiar a todos los clientes ofreciendo una serie de ventajas.

2- How much does it cost to be a member of Madness Live!?

Nothing! It is an online registration in our ticket office

3- What are the advantages of being a member of Madness Live!?

Each purchase you make at adds 10 Madness Points to your account that you can later exchange for gifts/tickets.

We will run promotions where the Madness Point value of purchases may be higher. Pay attention to our networks and newsletter!.

We will reward the most active members with specific actions.

We will do raffles with members of the Partners Club.

4- Does being a Madness Live! member expire?

Being a member does not expire, what DOES expire are the Madness Points that you obtain when buying through, each reward is valid for one year.

5- Is it valid for all the concerts organized by Madness Live!?

Valid for any indoor concert organized by Madness Live!. Rock Imperium Festival is excluded, however, from being exchanged with Madness Points.

6- I was already a Madness Live! and I had my card, will I still be a member with the card?

No, the physical card will disappear, so even if you were a member before, you will have to go through the steps indicated at the beginning to continue being a member, we cannot do it for you.

7- I still have an old Madness Live card with stamps, can I finish it?

Yes, you can use it until the end of 2019.