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Lista mejores discos 2022 by Madness Live! Team

Lista mejores discos 2022 by Madness Live! Team

Hemos creado una lista en Spotify con el disco número 1 de cada miembro del equipo, puedes echarle un vistazo y/o darle una escucha aquí.

Top 2022 By Juan Antonio

1. Stratovarius "Survive"

2. Marillion "An Hour Before It’S Dark"

3. Decapitated "Cancer Culture"

4. Blind Guardian "The God Machine"

5. Bloodbath "BSurvival Of The Sickest"

6. Soilwork "ÖVergivenheten"

7. Revocation "Netherheaven"

8. Nordjevel "GnavhòL"

9. Skid Row "The Gang’S All Here"

10. Ghost "Impera"

Top 2022 By Marian

1. Septicflesh "Modern Primitive"

2. Ghost "Impera"

3. Zeal & Ardor "Zeal & Ardor"

4. Bloodbath "Survival Of The Sickest"

5. Amorphis "Halo"

6. Muse "Will Of The People"

7. Within Temptation "Don'T Pray For Me"

8. Cult Of Luna "The Long Road North"

9. Korn "Requiem"

10. Rammstein "Zeit"

Top 2022 By Julián

1. Brutus "Unison Life"

2. Ghost "Impera"

3. Evadne "The Pale Light Of Fireflies"

4. Cave In "Heavy Pendulum"

5. Evergrey "A Heartless Portrait - The Orphean Testament"

6. Celeste "Assassine(S)"

7. Imperial Triumphant "Spirit Of Ectasy"

8. Blut Aus Nord "Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses"

9. The Halo Effect "Days Of The Lost"

10. Napalm Death "Resentment Is Always Seismic – A Final Throw Of Throes"

Top 2022 By Daniel

1. Tears For Fears "The Tipping Point"

2. Dreadnought "The Endless"

3. Artificial Brain "Artificial Brain"

4. Inanna "Void Of Unending Depths"

5. Aeviterne "The Ailing Facade"

6. Sylvaine "Nova"

7. Altars "Ascetic Reflection"

8. Persefone "Metanoia"

9. Worm "Bluenothing"

10. Voivod "Synchro Anarchy"

Top 2022 By Braix

1. Bad Omens "The Death Of Piece Of Mind"

2. Bad Bunny "Un Verano Sin Ti"

3. Machine Gun Kelly "Mainstream Sellout"

4. Architects "The Classic Symptoms Of A Broken Spirit"

5. Motionless In White "Scoring The End Of The World "

6. Electric Callboy "Tekkno"

7. Postmalone "Twelve Carat Toothache"

8. Rammstein "Zeit"

9. Parkway Drive "Darker Still"

10. Monuments "In Stasis"

Top 2022 By Sediles

1. Soen "Atlantis"

2. Ghost "Impera"

3. Ibaraki "Rashomon"

4. Greg Puciato "Mirror Cell"

5. Septicflesh "Modern Primitive"

6. YôKaï "Coup De GrâCe"

7. Blind Guardian "The God Machine"

8. Meshuggah "Immutable"

9. Pure Reason Revolution "Above Cirrus"

10. Kings X "Three Sides Of One"

Top 2022 By Miguel

1. Mother Of Graves "Where The Shadows Adorn"

2. Celeste "Assassine(S)"

3. Ghost"Impera"

4. The Halo Effect "Days Of The Lost"

5. Devin Townsend "Lightwork"

6. Remina "Strata"

7. Voivod "Synchro Anarchy"

8. Brutus "Unison Life"

9. Meshuggah "Immutable"

10. Cult Of Luna "The Long Road North"

Top 2022 By Víctor

1. Black Country, New Road "Ants From Up There"

2. Kendrick Lamar "Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers"

3. Ghost"Impera"

4. Imperial Triumphant"Spirit Of Ecstasy"

5. Carpenter Brut "Leather Terror"

6. Blut Aus Nord "Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses"

7. Cult Of Luna "The Long Road North"

8. Black Midi "Hellfire"

9. Shawn James "A Place In The Unknown"

10. Natos Y Waor "Luna Llena"

Top 2022 By Fran

1. Ghost "Impera"

2. Rocío Márquez Y Bronquio "Tercer Cielo"

3. Destroyer "Labyrinthitis"

4. Rosalía "Motomami"

5. Russian Circles "Gnosis"

6. Blind Guardian "The God Machine"

7. Perfume Genius "Ugly Season"

8. Stromae "Multitude"

9. Perrate "Tres Golpes"

10. Scorpions "Rock Believer"

Top 2022 By Sergio

1. Alter Bridge "Pawns & Kings"

2. Antimatter "A Profusion Of Thought"

3. Brutus "Unison Life"

4. Cult Of Luna "The Long Road North"

5. Freternia "The Final Stand"

6. Heat "Force Majeure"

7. Isafjord Genius "Hjartastjaki"

8. Lamb Of God "Omens"

9. Polyphia "Remember That You Will Die"

10. Stratovarius "Survive"

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