Informamos que la gira de In Extremo ha sido cancelada.  

Comunicado de la banda:
"Dear friends, An unbelievably eventful year is behind us: We were allowed to play a multitude of unbelievably beautiful and beautiful shows, which once again reminded us how lucky we are and what value music has not only for us but also for you. A year like this brings fresh wind into the sails and we look forward to what lies ahead. Unfortunately, it is also the case that we are still living in extraordinary and challenging times, which is reflected in our specific case in the fact that we have to cancel the upcoming European tour for 2023. According to the current status, this tour unfortunately involves too many financial risks, which, as in some places, is not least due to the extreme price developments. Nevertheless, that shouldn't be a reason to despair, because we're taking the upswing that gave us this year and will use the time in the studio to show you another chapter in the new year. The tickets for the tour can of course be returned where they were bought. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones and see you soon! your 6 "

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Sábado 4 de marzo 2023
Sala Apolo La(2) (Barcelona)
Anticipada: 30€ / Taquilla: 35€

Domingo 5 de marzo 2023
Sala Mon (Madrid)
Anticipada: 30€ / Taquilla: 35€